Pictures Worth a Few Words Here and There

Since apparently you can only do slideshows if you’re a premium member, I’m going to do a gigantic post with pictures. I’m sorry for the overload, but I know you’re all curious. Also, if you want the full resolution just click and it should open a new window!

The beach at Bondi

Wednesday I went to Wynyard Park for Threatened Species Day!

The park was in the middle of the city like a mini Central Park!

A flying fox! It was climbing ALL over the guy the entire time he was talking. It was so funny.

The guy said the koala fell asleep on the way there and was now acting like a drunk baby. I don't know who this guy hangs out with, but apparently people who don't believe in a minimum drinking age.

One of the many dingos that were walking around. I got to pet them! And they didn't eat any babies 🙂

The coolest bird I've ever seen! It doesn't even look real!

Loved the juxtaposition city towering over the marina.

Finally made it to the Sydney Opera House!


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