Week Deux

My first week went by so quickly! I’m glad I was able to get myself oriented and around to explore. I really enjoy going about by myself. Perhaps it’s a selfish tendency in me, but I like just being able to go and not have to worry about anyone else’s schedule or being late etc. With that said though, I have been meeting other au pairs around Sydney so I have friends to explore with. Most of them work days though and get off before I do so during the week I don’t really go out with them. Weekends, though, are going to start being a lot more awesome starting this week!

Thursday I went to the Underground Film Festival. Unfortunately the girl I had invited ended up having to babysit so I just went by myself. It was opening night so they had this big party with a great DJ and appetizers at which I made a friend who was also there by himself. It was nice to not be wandering around alone the whole time! Eventually we were ushered into the theater and before the movie there was this weird, weird WEIRD, magician? Illusionist? I don’t even know what he was. Basically he laid down on a bed of nails while his assistant walked on him, then she put another bed of nails facing down on him and walked on that. After that he swallowed a balloon, then closed their “act” by doing a tango on broken glass. It was just weird and I was fairly uncomfortable the entire time. My new friend and I were like, “WHAT IS THIS??” To top it off they then had a series of previews for crazy movies like, “Run Bitch Run” which was actually pretty funny looking, but the rest of the previews were weird. The short film before was also bizarre but mildly funny. Then we were onto the main event, the movie, “Super” with Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that movie. It was seriously as gory as a Tarantino film but then it was a comedy so it felt like one giant dead baby joke where you laugh but you feel terribly for laughing. Afterwards though there was unlimited wine, beer, and pizza which was fun for obvious reasons. The theater is in kind of a dodgy area but they have a lot of cool events coming up so I’ll probably be frequenting it. However my new friend said it’s really not as dodgy as it looks…so I think it’ll be ok.  They have some other festival this weekend that I might go to again. We’ll see. So much cool stuff happening around here!

On Saturday I went on the cliff walk from Bondi to Coogee with a German girl, which was so fun and so beautiful. People talk about the beaches in Southern California, which I grew up on, and which I always thought were really nice too but after seeing these beaches those ones are ruined!

Bondi, which is just down the street from me!

There are all of these weird little pools with ocean water all along the walk. They're open to the public too!

Eternity with an ocean view. No complaints!

Probably my favorite part of the walk. And yes, I did take this. Legitimately. I know, I know, I'm awesome. What can I say?

The end of our walk! It was cloudy all day and then there was this little pocket of sunshine at the end. It was beautiful!

Sunday I went to a lunch for au pairs right by the bridge which was really nice. There were so many people there though and a lot of them were so shy that I didn’t a chance to meet a ton of them. Most of the girls were German. Apparently their agency likes to send them to Australia, which is why there are so many. A lot of them are younger too because they’re doing their gap year before university but there were also some my age too.  It was cool to make some friends and finally have people to go out with. A few of us are probably going to go out this weekend so I’m excited for that. Sydney has great nightlife that I’ve been dying to explore so that’ll of course be really fun.

Today I finally conquered driving! I’m so proud of myself! I mean, I’m still a little nervous but the mom gave me her car for an hour so I could drive around by myself to get used to it. There aren’t really any freeways here, which is weird, unless you’re going to another city like Brisbane but otherwise it’s backroads. Even the “main” roads are nothing like El Camino or PCH–they’re windy and with like…one or two lanes on each side instead of 3 or 4. On top of that, the big road you take to the little boy’s school is a mess in the mornings so I have to take these crazy backroads that are even more narrow, windy, and full of roundabouts. I thought with my horrible sense of direction that I’d never figure it out but I went by  myself today with no problems! I was so happy!

Anyway, I’m going to walk to the beach for a bit before I have to pick up the kids! Love my life!


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