Semana Numero Tres

I haven’t done a ton this week as I’ve come down with a cold and I’ve just been sleeping a lot but I’ve still managed to do a few things 🙂

Sydney is a great theater town, so as a drama major, I would be doing myself a huge disservice if I didn’t find something theatrical to do while I was here. I originally wanted to take an improv class as I’m terrible at it but find it rather fun but none of the classes fit with my work schedule! After harassing several of the teachers about alternate classes or places they could recommend me to that might have classes, I was directed towards a guy in charge of a team. The guy said that while they didn’t have classes, they had practices and performances, which would ultimately be the better teacher in the long run. Uh, problem, I have very little experience. I’ve done some workshops, small classes, read a few books but nothing really extensive. I am not cut out for any team whatsoever. However, the guy insisted I come as it wasn’t so much about the level of experience but my willingness to listen and “yes, and…” Ok. Fine. But you, sir, are in for a big surprise because these broad parameters do not make me ready to be performing! I was hesitant to go, but Tuesday night found me on a bus crossing town…When I got there there were 14 others, half of which I’m going to assume were high schoolers who all knew each other…We played a few minor games and then jumped into scene work. Now, remember that part where I said this guy was going to regret telling me to audition because I would probably be horrible? Turns out he probably regrets telling some of the other people there…not me. I mean, I didn’t play my best but I definitely was not the worst person there. Some of the people were so bad that it was impossible for the good people to do well. If you need to understand what I’m talking about, please watch “The Office” Season 2, Episode 9 where Michael Scott goes to his improv class. Anyway, I walked away feeling pretty shitty about it since I hadn’t played well but figured it was for the best–I’m probably not ready for a team anyway! The next morning though I opened my email and found that I had actually made the team! What the…?? No really…? Is this real life? I’m mildly questioning the credibility of said team if they want me to join, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll probably learn a lot regardless. It’s nice too because I can’t do any actual plays because of my work schedule so at least I’m involved somehow theatrically.

This week was really nice for the beach so I did the coastal walk again with a friend who hadn’t done it yet and also went to the beach for a bit. I have never seen a more crowded beach in my life and it’s not even summer yet. I’m so glad I live so close to the beach. I’m pretty sure trying to park there is what hell is like so I’m really glad I can go by foot. Hell can wait. The beach cannot. Speaking of, have I mentioned how amazing the beaches are here?? I truly cannot get over it. One of the children I watch has a playdate once a week and this week we decided to go walk on the rocks by the beach. It was amazing. It was a really secluded little beach with one of those ocean pool deals and mini tide pools everywhere. The little girls were so cute as we walked along the rocks. They loved it! I always look forward to their little playdates–they’re so fun and so cute. After the rocks we painted a bit and I taught them about mixing colors. Of course they ended up just mixing all of the colors and making a lot of brown paint but they had fun so it was ok.

Since getting here, I’ve basically made a mini-UN of friends. Up until yesterday, I didn’t have a single Aussie friend (minus the ones that live in America). However, I have friends from the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Germany and I think somewhere else but I can’t think of it. It’s amazing. I absolutely love love love international friends and it’s great because I have people to explore the city with. Last weekend we went out all over Sydney. Can you blame us? We’re young and more importantly, living in another country. The nightlife here is great. However, quite a few of the men here are absurdly creepy. I will have to write an entirely new post about that because I find it absolutely hilarious and it deserves its own post. I also went to the Australian Museum, which was awesome mainly because they have an exhibit on DINOSAURS. Yes. DINOSAURS. So epic. I practiced my raptor dance and was quickly hired on site byt the museum staff because they were so impressed. Now my theater education is paying for itself. Kidding. Obviously. In my head this happened though and it was the best day of my life.


Proof my friends aren't imaginary...or am I the only one who can see them?


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