A week ago marked my first month here. It’s flown by so fast and I still have so much to do! That week it rained like crazy and it was the first week of school holidays so the mom recommended I avoid basically everywhere I wanted to go due to crowds. Most of my friends were also away on holiday or live on the other side of town so the week started out rather slowly. I explored some different little suburbs here and there and saw some sights. On Tuesday I figured out a friend of a friend, who I kind of know from LA just moved here. I saw a picture she posted of Sydney and I was like, “um hello? you’re here?” She messaged me her number and said she was living in the same suburb I was living in. Wait. Really? Then I asked her what street she was on and she lives on the next street over. R U FURREAL??? It’s really nice having a friend down the street because if we feel like hanging out we can just walk over and there isn’t an issue of finding bus routes, taking forever on public transportation, trying to get home at a certain time etc. We can hang out and watch movies or go out whenever we want. It’s great! On Wednesday we went to Thai food in Surry Hills, which was absolutely delicious. My other friend who studied abroad here told me to have Thai anywhere in Sydney because it’s amazing…and it is. Thursday it was raining again so we ended up just watching movies until it cleared up and we walked to the beach with her roommate. We had a glass of champagne on the beach before heading to this cool restaurant nearby. I had the most amazing burger there. I don’t even like burgers but for some reason I felt compelled to order one and I am so glad I did. It was so delicious. I couldn’t even handle it. I haven’t eaten out much because I’m saving money for Thailand/Bali in March but everywhere I’ve eaten so far has been delicious! I love the food here!

Oh ya, did I mention I’m planning a trip to Bali and Thailand in March? I found a flight from Bali to Bangkok for $220 roundtrip last week and I think it’s a sign that I have to go. I don’t have anyone to go with yet, but that’s ok because it’ll happen. My friend’s dad lives in Phuket so if she comes with me we’ll stay with him after Bangkok. I’m so excited! I wish I didn’t have to go back to school or else I would just keep going. I think next summer I’m going to buy one of those around the world plane tickets because there is far too much I want to see in the world. The time to go is now! I can’t stop thinking about how great Bali and Bangkok are going to be. I want to squeeze Cambodia in there too because I have wanted to see Angkor Wat for forever and a half but it might have to wait until next time unfortunately…Tough life right? ¬†I love this side of the world!

Saturday I had my first improv practice. It was interesting. I completely butchered a game because I misunderstood the premise of it but whatever–it’s a learning experience. That’s the point of practice, right? There’s a significant range of skill but again, learning experience. It was great to be able to play with the people who are really good because I was able to learn from them. I always love working with people who are talented. I mean, once I get over the sheer terror of being in their presence and trying not to suck I enjoy the learning experience. There are quite a few people from LA there, which I found rather surprising. And by quite a few I mean like two…There might be a third from somewhere in America but I couldn’t figure out if he was trying to put on an Aussie accent or what because it was very muddled. Whatever. The people are really cool but no new bffs…yet. I play my first game soon enough though so who knows what’ll happen then.

That night I went out with my French friends again. The French are quickly becoming some of my favorite people. All of the French exchange students I met before coming here were incredible and the people I’m meeting now are also incredible. Every time I go hang out with them I have so much fun! I can’t get over how great everyone I meet is. I absolutely love it here. However, I will say there are a few things I do miss about home. Obviously, I miss my family and friends. That goes without saying. I probably should have gone shopping or something before I got here though as there are a lot of things I should have gotten before I left…like another pair of Toms. I also miss American Target, how much cheaper everything is, driving on the other side of the road…driving…but that’s about it. There’s a lot I can do without I guess. Things are absurdly expensive though. My love for shoes will have to be put on hold until I get home! I’m scared to even go into any of the stores. I feel like if I were to even find Toms here they’d be like $100 or something ridiculous. My face wash, which is like $4 back home is around $10 here. Totally ridiculous. But then again it’s easier for me to save money for things like BALI AND THAILAND. Gah. Too exciting!


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