Childhood Logic pt Deux

The kids have a new favorite game to play. It’s called “close your eyes and I’ll make something disappear. Then close them again and I’ll make it reappear.”

Magic! Duh!

Definitely my favorite game so far. So cute.


Childhood Logic

3 yr old to brother: Go away
Mum: If you speak to him like that he won’t move.

3 year old thinks for a minute

3 yr old to brother: Please go away.

I love it.

Obviously I’ve got some ‘splainin to do. I’m sorry for my lack of posts of substance. I know, I know, you’ve been feeling empty being unable to stalk me and live vicariously through my awesome. Kidding. But not. But really…Sorry I haven’t updated. I’m actually really terrible at this. I assure you this will make up for everything.

First and foremost, this last week was brought to you by the song:

Okay, sooooooo I don’t know if you know this, but my favorite word is “free.” I discovered the Art Gallery of NSW is, in fact, free minus their special exhibitions. It’s a great museum too–it’s in a beautiful building in the heart of downtown with several stories of wonderful art. There’s a huge array of art too! There’s classic art that dates back to the fifteenth century, more contemporary art, asian art, tribal art, sculpture, and even some famous artists like Ruben. This, to me, is incredible. In America, we have to pay for all of our museums, except of course in D.C. Anyway, they have so much great stuff there. In a few weeks they’re even bringing in an entire Picasso exhibit and tickets are only like $20. Um, that is a steal. I’m a big fan. I spent pretty much my whole day at the museum and barely had enough time to see everything. I think I’ll be frequenting this place! Plus I can go sit in the beautiful park next door when I’m done! Parks=winning…and I like winning.

St. Mary's Cathedral

Mud masks! Anyone remember these from 120?

Passed by the Occupy Sydney scene. Saw this sign. Loved it.

The other day I watched the movie "The Castle" with my two friends, an Aussie and an American. The American and I laughed unbelievably hard when we saw the judges because they dressed like this. Our Aussie friend was like, "Don't your Supreme Court Justices dress like this?" No. They don't. None of them even wear wigs that really fit! I can't believe people actually dress like this. So good. So so so good.

Sydney has pretty good public transport. It goes basically anywhere and everywhere. My only complaint is that the busses aren’t in the least bit efficient. Seriously. They’re always late, which is annoying because if I have to catch a train or ferry I need to get there right on time since those two forms of transport actually leave on time. Other than that it’s been really easy to get around and it’s helped me familiarize myself with the city. Anyway, my friend and I get a monthly pass that allows you to use an unlimited amount of public transport in that month. My friend’s was expiring so we decided to spend the day riding the ferry since a round trip costs about $13…a good fraction of what we pay for our passes…While my friend was on her way to meet me, I decided to be proactive and look up all of the places we could ride to on the ferry. And what came up? None other than Cockatoo Island. Sounds interesting, right? Right! So off we went to the magical Cockatoo Island!

Cockatoo Island is not as magical as it sounds.

I thought it was going to be a giant park with birds galore. It was more like the set from the latest horror movie. We got there as the sun was starting to go down and as we were walking around I seriously thought we were going to get kidnapped and tortured among all of the abandoned shipping warehouse buildings. Oh ya, did I mention it also used to be a prison? Cool.


My friend climbing around...we probably shouldn't have done that...

Ya. The island looks like this all around...

However, you can go camping glamping. Yes. GLAMping. I said to my friend, “Ya it’d be really fun to camp out here one night with a bunch of friends just for shits and giggles, right?” Too bad it’s over $100 per night! No thank you! I mean, each tent comes with a really nice bed and this lazy boy thing outside but it’s so not worth it. However, just walking around the island was an experience to say the least.

Also, my friend and I did some night photography downtown  by the Opera House. Enjoy!

The city!

Ghost me!

Last weekend my friends and I went to an Indian festival in the Western Suburbs. Again, also an experience. I can now say I’ve seen the Western Suburbs…which are not that great. The festival was fun though and it was nice spending the day with some friends.

Went to Max Brenner afterwards. I have never missed NYC so much in my life! Someday I'll be there again 🙂

Other than that, it’s been a lot of beach, work and friends. The kids I watch are super, super cute! At dinner we usually play little games to get them to eat like, “take three more bites and I’ll tell you another word I say differently than you” or we’ll just ask different questions. One day  the mom asked him for three ingredients in the pasta sauce she’d made. He said, “tuna, onion…annnndd….Brazil!” We looked at him and he goes, “Ya! The green stuff! Brazil!” He was talking about dill. I died. They’re so much fun. There was something else that was really funny that he said but anyway it’s been really fun watching them. I’m a fan!

So here we are. At the end. Finally. Until next time.