The Open Road

I’ll do a big update when I have a computer, but right now I’m in Melbourne! Yay!
Came down with a few friends from Sydney, and I’m visiting another friend of mine too.

Anyway, today we took a road trip down the southern coast of Australia. There’s a really famous drive called The Great Ocean Road with a lot of great little stops along the way and beautiful scenery. My friend and I took turns driving the four of us and we basically drove half of Victoria–not even an exaggeration. It was a long drive but so so worth it. We even found a little farm park where we got to hang out with kangaroos, emus, peacocks, and other animals!
I came here to write that I really miss driving. I know, I know, it’s so bad for the environment but there’s nothing like seeing the great open road in front of you and knowing they you can go anywhere.
So yes, I not only conquered the other side of the road, but I did it on a rainy day, on some of the windiest back roads I’ve ever seen. I even managed to find my way back to my friend’s house after dropping my other friends at a tiny airport in the middle of nowhere. I loved driving around.

I’m ready to conquer the rest of the world.


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