A New Year, a New Page

For some reason my still married parents choose to email me separately several times a week…and they have both begun every email with, “We haven’t heard from you…” and ended them with “Update your blog–everyone keeps emailing us wondering where an update is”

I think there’s a reason they get along so well.

I have a really good reason for not updating. I promise. I moved out and no longer have internet at my house. I could walk to McDonalds down the road but it’s always so packed since it’s summer that their internet is slower

If I were Miranda Priestly, this is what I would say to the internet at McDonalds. Let's be real though, any excuse to make a Meryl Streep reference.

than a geriatric walking down the street and my friend who I usually steal internet from has been on vacation for ages…I will get to a big update soon about the cool stuff I’ve been doing since…November. Okay. I have no excuse for not updating at all in November but I have an excuse for the last few weeks…

So…surprise! I’m not an au pair anymore!

It’s a really long story–if you want details talk to me later. Long story short, the mum was already a stay-at-home mum and the dad’s business, which he owns, changed and he moved it all home so with two parents at home, I was redundant. It was kind of good timing. I wanted a change of pace anyway and a more flexible schedule. Plus, with other jobs you can make a ton of money. Did I mention minimum wage is twice what it is in America? And I’m paying the same amount in rent here that I was back in California. I’ve mentioned this to a few people now and everyone says the same thing–that I’m only making twice as much because things are twice as expensive. Not true. Not everything is twice as expensive. Yes, there are certain things where the markup is way more than twice as much. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is like $12 here, a large bottle of my shampoo and conditioner is over $80 combined, my $4 facewash is also $12, etc. For the most part though, Things are only a small percentage more expensive. I guess when you’re used to bargain shopping at Trader Joe’s it’s a big difference, but compared to the big chain grocery stores it’s not that different. With two, sometimes three times the money, it’s more than enough to live off of. California I think has the highest minimum wage in the US and yet, with the amount of rent we have to pay, which is practically the same as it is here, working 40 hours a week barely cuts it. In one full day of working, I made enough money to not only pay off my weekly rent, but also buy a lot of good groceries. That doesn’t happen in America. I’m genuinely concerned about how I’m going to be able to afford anything when I get back…I guess I’m off to work the corner. Kidding. I hope nobody had a heart attack before the read “kidding.” The other thing is that in America, we have all of these hidden costs. Sure, that camera cost $599.00 but with tax, you could be tacking on an extra $60! What about food? That family dinner that cost you $50 will now cost you about $60 with tip. In my opinion, things start to even out here and there and it’s not so different here. Australians just aren’t sneaky like Americans are.

In other news, I just moved into a new place closer to the beach with a bunch of girls who are also traveling. There’s a few Irish girls, a Canadian, and a Chilean and up until the other day I was sharing with a girl from the UK. Pretty much everyone in the building is a traveler so it’s cool getting to know people from different countries. It’s actually like a giant dorm except everyone is of age and we have no RAs–so it’s obviously better. It’s so much fun here. I’ve made a thousand new friends and have spent my days laying on the beach enjoying the (finally) warm weather! Don’t worry–I’ve been using a lot of sunscreen!

This is NOT what I want to happen. Therefore, I apply a lot of sunscreen. I apologize for the crappy quality--I don't have my drawing pad with me...

I also got another job this week. I went in for a trial at a restaurant, which was supposed to last an hour, and got asked to stay until we closed so I got paid and I got scheduled for the rest of the week. I’m really excited. The place is crazy busy as it’s right on one of the busiest beaches in Sydney. My first day was pretty hectic seeing as I was not only learning everything but also trying to keep up with the crowds. There is so much to remember but I think I was able to pick it up pretty quickly because I just had to do it. I’m excited. I have a few shifts this week so we’ll see how it goes!

Anyway, like I said. Lots to update. I went to The Aria Awards (the Aussie Grammies), went to Melbourne, celebrated Christmas, and also saw the famous fireworks. Pictures and stories up sometime before I get back!
Thanks for keeping up with someone better than the Kardashians!

Until next time, you stay classy, earth.


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