The Melbourne Identity

So…long story short, I’m no longer an au pair. This means that I now have a much more flexible work schedule since I can switch shifts, get covered etc and can do other things–like travel! Coincidentally, my friends were planning a short weekend trip to Melbourne the weekend after my last week of work. This was great because it allowed me to stay longer and see my other friend, who lives just outside of the city. Everyone says Melbourne is a lot different from Sydney, and I’d say it is, though I’m not sure which one I like better. I feel like I like Sydney better, but only because I know where to go around here. I’m sure if I lived in Melbourne and visited Sydney, I’d like it there better for the same reasons.

My friends and I spent the weekend wandering around different parts of the city. It was pretty cool. The city is a lot more organised than Sydney and the public transport is also a billion times better. I love Sydney, but to be honest, it’s a bit of a hot mess.
Maybe that’s why I love it so much.
Kidding. But not. But really…

I think that’s my cue to lead in with some photos.

The first day, I got there later than my friends so I caught up with the friend I was staying with, then went out to dinner and the town with the girls. The next day we wandered the city for a bit then headed down to St. Kildas, which is where their “beach” is. I say “beach” because it’s more like a dirty little bay. I will say this about Sydney, the beaches are amazing no matter where you are and half of the suburbs are either on water or very close to water. Melbourne just has a dirty river and a dirty bay…Not cool.  The town itself is still nice though. 


The next day, we took a drive down the Great Ocean Road. This was a bit terrifying seeing as none of us had driven in months, and some of us hadn’t even driven on the other side of the road. It was fine though. I started out driving since I was the only one who’d driven here and I found it to be quite easy. I guess my problem with driving on this side of the road was that my old neighborhood basically had 1.5 lane roads where you had to pull over every five seconds to let a car pass. Whatever. Anyway. The drive is beautiful!!! Like I said before in a previous post, I really miss driving so I was really happy to be on the open road once more. If you’re ever in Australia, you need to do this drive! It’s incredible! We drove about four or five hours each way to “The Twelve Apostles” which is towards the end of the drive. If you ever go though, please bring warm clothes. As my old host mum once said, “No matter what temperature it is in Melbourne, it’s probably a good 10 degrees colder in Melbourne” and seeing as that’s 10 degrees Celsius, it gets a lot colder than you think.
Please note how the first picture is incredibly sunny and then note how windy it is in the next few.


On the way back, we found a “petting zoo” which I’m pretty sure was just someone’s farm. However, they advertised roos and koalas so we felt like we absolutely had to go. In NSW you can’t pet roos or koalas or something weird like that, so I haven’t had the authentic Aussie experience yet…Now I have though! Czech aut the fauxtoes!


The next day my friends left and the friends I was staying with had work so I went and explored the city some more. I went to a lot of the museums. Australia has such beautiful museums. I love it here!

Zombie statues. No big.

And finally, this is how Aussies spend Christmas--tanning 🙂


One of the nights, my friend took me to his parents’ place out in the country 30 minutes from where they live. It was amazing because just before dinner, I looked outside and there were literally about two dozen kangaroos just hanging out in the back yard. I feel like I’m living in a zoo. This place is incredible!





One comment on “The Melbourne Identity

  1. Carolina says:

    i can’t belive you saw live kangoroos.did you see koalas because i love koalas they are so cute!
    roberto, nicolas, and last but not least… …carolina:)
    😉 :

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