Dreaming of a White After Labor Day Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white after labor day Christmas
Just like the ones I never knew 
Where the sweat beads glisten
and children listen to hear surfers going, “WHOA”

I’m living in a white after labor day Christmas
With every cool postcard I write
May these days be sunny and light
And may all your Christmases be bright

Umm so let’s be real. What hasn’t happened since I last posted? It seems like it’s been forever and a half but really it’s only been about two and a half months. Since then, I have worked almost every day and saved enough to buy a large Chanel bag…then spent it all. Before you have a heart attack (MOM) I’ll explain why later.

After Melbourne I moved into a little beach apartment in Bondi with a bunch of travelers. In case you didn’t know, Bondi is one of the most famous beaches here and it’s also a very large tourist trap. In fact, it’s mostly foreigners that live and work there. I did a few trials then got a job there and I think at each place there were tops one or two Aussies. The rest were travelers. It was cool getting to meet so many international people and hopefully when I travel I’ll just get to visit all of my friends!

Oh ya Christmas happened.

I spent Christmas Eve at my friend’s house in the morning. She made us some breakfast pancakes, we watched the Yule Log Chanel on Youtube, then went swimming! I  know that doesn’t sound unusual to most of you since Southern California winters are pretty much like summer, but here in Sydney it actually is Summer. However, Sydney just went through their coldest Summer in 50 years. The week up to Christmas was cold and rainy and then miraculously on Christmas weekend it got ridiculously hot! It was beautiful! After swimming, I went to my other friend’s house in North Sydney and had a very French dinner with her host family. It was pretty cool because apparently their house is right on the bush so as we were eating, we could hear all of these kookaburras laughing! I’d never heard one before! If you haven’t either, which most of you probably haven’t, you have to watch this video. It’s insane.

The next day, I spent at the beach having an orphan Christmas with all of the other travelers.  The beaches were jam packed and it was basically a giant party up and down the beaches of Sydney.

Boxing Day was spent with some Aussies and another LA orphan watching the Sydney to Hobart sailing race!

A beautiful view of the harbor from our stop!

Then, of course, there was the famed New Year’s Eve event! Sydney takes a lot of pride in the NYE events. In fact, they spend millions of dollars on their fireworks. I spent the morning working a big music festival near the Anzac Bridge, which was perfect because when I finished at 9pm, the first round of fireworks were on. 

They were beautiful! And that was just the first round. After that round my friend and I went to another friend’s house for food and drinks before celebrating midnight! The fireworks there were unreal. I’ve never seen anything like it before. There was a huge countdown on the bridge and when it hit midnight, the fireworks went off. It was seriously like a week’s worth of Disneyland fireworks all put together for one night. If you ever get the chance to be in Sydney at NYE, DO IT.

Anyway, there’s obviously a lot more to update but I’m trying to put them into separate posts. My trip is practically over. It’s insane. I booked my trip to the reef this week and before I know it, I’ll be coming home. Oh, there’s the explanation for why I have no money now, Mom. Please don’t have a heart attack.


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