Ok I have a few minutes to post something. I can’t plug in my camera to upload proper photos but I can upload this one I have of the Carlo Sandblow at Rainbow Beach.

After Byron, I headed north to Rainbow Beach before embarking on my three day camping trip to Fraser Island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It’s like 120 miles around so you have to drive around the island to see everything. When I heard “island,” I thought it was going to be some tiny little thing but then again, the world always looks so much smaller on a map. Fraser Island is massive so you really can’t go anywhere without a car . Before I talk about Fraser though, I’m going talk about my quiet day at Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Beach. Ahhhh. Such a quiet little place. Really though, there is absolutely nothing there. There’s literally a street with some hostels, a petrol station, a grocery store and a few little shops. There are houses all around but as far as a “town” goes, that’s pretty much it, at least from what I saw. I was feeling a bit out of place as I do when I go to new places since I don’t know where I am and I don’t know anyone there. My first order of business though was to attend an orientation on safety at Fraser since we’d be camping and driving around on sand and water. Afterwards I ran some errands and then went on this beautiful walk to the Carlo Sandblow, which is this huge sand dune about a thirty minute walk from our hostel. It was spectacular. You’ll die when you see the photos I took. It goes right down to the ocean so you have a great view. It’s spectacular.

The next morning, we had to be up and ready by 7. We all gathered round and were separated into four groups. The way this trip works is that there’s a guide who drives one car and then three other groups follow behind in their own cars. Each group had to check off their crate of food, camping equipment, cooking equipment etc. Once we were all set, we were off. A ferry took us across to the island and from there we went to set up camp. Our guide took us to a secluded little camping spot in the sand, away from the tourists so there wouldn’t be any noise complaints. Smart, right? From there, we made lunch, and then drove about thirty minutes to a cool little lake called Lake Wabby.

Like I said before, Fraser is so big you can’t walk anywhere. Everyone took turns driving through the sand and water but because it was manual, I couldn’t take a turn. The whole time I felt like I was on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland–we were definitely roughing it. Anywho, our first destination was Lake Wabby. Apparently the guide changed the order of our trip around because of the crazy weather we’d been having. When I left Sydney a week ago, there were these big storms and flood warnings etc. When I was leaving Byron, it was raining and someone said to me that I wouldn’t be able to get to Rainbow because everything north of Brisbane was flooded. I actually have a few friends who got stuck on their way to Rainbow because of it. I was incredibly fortunate that I didn’t have any problems. My trip is pretty packed so any setbacks would be horrible. Anyway it’d been pouring for days at Byron so I was scared that I’d have to go camp out in the pouring rain and not see anything but the weather warmed right up for us! Lake Wabby was beautiful–a huge emerald lake full of catfish. We all jumped in and had a great swim before going back to cook our own dinners. We made a chicken stir fry with rice, fended off the biggest flies I’ve ever seen in my life, and then washed dishes in the ocean…

The next morning we were up bright and early to go to Eli’s Creek which is a beautiful freshwater creek that goes out to the beach. After we had a nice shower in the creek, saw the wreck of the Mahena, headed over to the Champagne pools, crystal clear little pools next to the ocean, then hiked up to Indian Head, the highest point on the island. The view was unreal. Again, you’ll die when you see photos. After our trek we went back to make dinner before the sun went down. As we were making dinner we finally spotted some dingos lurking around. I’m not going to lie, I was definitely a little scared but they don’t really come to close if you’re being active. After we saw that first one, it was joined by a friend, who also lurked around fairly close to where we were eating. One actually ran towards all of the tents and my friend said after that he spotted three more. It made going to the bathroom a terrifying endeavor.

On day 3, I woke up completely covered in sand. I tried to wipe the sand from my mouth but my sweatshirt was also covered. No showers, just sand for three days. I didn’t know how I’d make it the rest of the day! After packing up our tents and having a quick breakfast we headed to what was supposed to be the best part of the trip–Lake Mackenzie. I’d seen pictures of Lake Mackenzie but nothing compares to actually being there. We got there at about 8 am, yes AM and all went swimming. The water was so warm and  a perfect blue. I felt like I was in Fiji or something. We played around for a few hours, some guy picked up some turtles while snorkeling and gave us a mini turtle lesson, and then we were off. We had lunch on the beach and then went back to the hostel. After that we all raced for the showers then had a great dinner together laughing about the crazy three days we’d just had. I know this was only the second part of my trip, but this has by far been my favorite just because of the group of sound people that I met here. Usually it’s really hit or miss with such big groups but this group was unreal. It’s sad that we only had a few days together. A few of us are here at the Whitsundays but we’re all going on different boats so I’m sad to see everyone go, but that’s the traveler’s life. Anyway, I have to get myself sorted because my boat leaves in about an hour or so. Until next time, friends, family, lurkers.


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