And One Year Later…

It’s fitting that¬†this article¬†popped up on my newsfeed today as it covers the exact quote that led me to move to the other side of the world, into a home of people I’d never met, by myself, to a city where I knew no one, and all arranged in about two weeks. Was it brash? Probably. I didn’t plan much other than having employment, housing, a visa and a plane ticket. I didn’t think about this for years or months. In fact it was probably about 30 days between me even fathoming the idea to actually arriving in Australia. Before I left, I was in a place where I could see my options running out daily and where I felt like I was sinking into quicksand instead of progressing into my best self. So I did what anyone else would do–I packed my bags and moved to a new country.

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