Nem Sleep Til Brooklyn 

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime” –Mark Twain 

I will start off by saying how sorry I am for my lack of posts. I get daily reminders of how much I am slacking (thanks, dad) but I haven’t had any time to properly collect my thoughts on everything, let alone be able to present said thoughts in an articulate manner. As I get time, I’ll post chunks of information so you’ll know what I’ve been up to and hopefully by the time I move on to my next city, I’ll have caught up writing about my Budapest adventures. Photos on the other hand will probably not appear for an extremely long time because that’s a very complicated manner. 

Traveling is hard sometimes because I’m very partial to my requisite 12 hours of sleep. The crazy thing though is that I’ve actually gotten my 12 hours so far…over the course of an entire week. However, I did go into this trip knowing I wouldn’t sleep for 6 weeks, but I kept saying it with the assumption it would be more a hyperbolic statement and less a literal one. I’m rallying though. I promise. Every time I want to take a nap or sleep in a little bit, I remind myself that I can’t take this trip for granted, nor can I mess up my sleep pattern as is often the case with naps. Though I am traveling for a while, my time in each place is so limited and I want to be able to absorb as much as I can. After all, can’t I just sleep when I’m dead anyway? I can’t nor want to miss a single thing and surprisingly my body has agreed to this terrible arrangement I sprung on it. 

My schedule is packed and for this I am actually grateful because I don’t feel like I’m wasting as much time. The trip has been incredible so far. Not only have I had a blast getting to know people from all over, but I’ve been on adventures that left me speechless, while also being intellectually stimulated by panels on current Hungarian affairs, trips to bio farms and Roma schools, things that I never thought I’d find interesting. I find myself sitting frantically writing pages of questions and notes because my neurons are firing at an impressive rate and walking out with a much better understanding of the Hungarian culture, which is exactly why I travel in the first place–to understand as best I can what it’s like to live in that country and absorb its culture.

In other news, there are sunflower fields at every turn, our schedule is always centered around food, and beer and wine are cheaper than water. I guess being Hungarian is more ingrained in my DNA than I previously could have imagined. 
Also literally not sleeping until 


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